Wood Troll
Wood Troll
Wood Troll
This is the wood troll, from a sculpture of Eliana Balossi

This time my intent was to recreate the "habitat" of this troll, so I started to think about a possible forest where i could live:
- damp mud everywhere
- spiked and dangerous trees and branches
- dangers in every corner
- sunlight obscured by higher tree's foliage (so very very dark)
- venomous snakes and mushrooms all around

with a similar scene, I want to create something very very particular, so I decided to base my paintjob on the strong contrast between red and green:

the troll, bcause it's in HIS habitat, had to "camouflage" itself, so I used a very restricted palette of colours

for the mushrooms, on the contrary, I used a very coloured red, to increase the idea of venomous
  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    I love the scene and the paint job!

  • Alan DeafNala Preuss

    For me, that is a TRULY inspirational piece; BEAUTIFULLY crafted & painted. WONDERFULLY WELL DONE!