Dear Friends
At last we have here a new creation of mine, and not an old sin this time!
This 54mm scratch built vignette shows three worn out, tired and starved crusaders on their way to the holy city in 1099 during the first crusade.
Their clothes are worn out and ragged, they have walked hundreds of miles in hostile territories, fought several battles, still they march on to the holy city...
I focused on achieving a dusty and dirty appearance and faded and worn look of the clothes, same for the iron helmets and ring mail. Lots of different earth tones, warm brown ones, were added throughout the painting. Really interesting to use colors to add the final touch to you have been sculpting. No pastels were used, I prefer to paint everything as it gives me total control of the shading and highlighting.
Note also that there hardly any cool colors here, all to maintain the feel of the climate and environment.
Had lots of fun doing this vignette. Well maybe, with the exception of sculpting ring mail... !