The actual size of the figure (excluding the backpack with the wolf emblem) is 32mm . With the logo - 41mm.

Yellow wings of the belt and a natural skull, crozius arcanum (a club with wings! : D), a helmet stylized as a wolf's skull is what distinguishes Ulrik from other chaplains and wolf priests.

Some NMM soft , some - a bit more reflective.

This is a very special character for me. Associations with events 10 years ago. We were young then and played warhammer very often. It was a great time. And the army of Space Wolves was played by my dear friend, whom I had not seen for 5 years. So yes, this figure is a memory.

I did not take photos from behind - because apart from the gradient of the fur - from light brown to pale with some touches of blue tint - for more "frosty" or frozen effect so - there is nothing much to show.

Photography is a crop, about 70% . My lens sees the thumbnail only on 1/8~ of the screen. Yay. 105mm :(

Cheers! ^_-