DOGMA48 Aug. 2021 project.

This year I managed to paint a small canvas and a bust :D
Everything is very glossy, so it is very hard to get a photo XD

DOGMA48 is an event where you have 48 hours to make a show entry, from start to finish. This includes putting everything together, conversions, modelling, priming, basing, display, paint, and so-on and so-forth. Sleep, food, drink and everything unrelated is, of course, also included in the 48 hours :)
  • Jakob Villien

    Brilliant, love it. Great to have time to sink it all in. Backdrop/canvas is awesome. Love the frame too. Great atmosphere all round. The finger bit is really interesting, and I get a very strange feeling from it. It fits his expression so well. At first I thought it odd that there were no more simulation lines found, e.g. On canvas, but it works much better without.
    Hope y’all editors bump this up, as this deserves to be experienced by many.

    • Wade

      Thanks man!
      Strange feeling is good :D He has a very strange feeling(s) running through him :)
      The simulation/scanning lines are just meant to be a small glitch to spark a kernel of knowledge. He was never meant to see them; it was just be chance.

    • Jakob Villien

      I absolutely get it - no need to explain. Just felt it was too separate. Until I saw it al together. Wholeheartedly love it.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    The green finger is a nice color touch. Gold.

    • Wade

      Thank you :D!

  • Bran

    Wonderful !!

    • Wade

      Cheers ^^

  • greg

    Gold superbe !

    • Wade


  • StephanPLUS

    ha ha, beautiful

    • Wade

      Thanks :D