Nighthaunt Candelabra Guys
Nighthaunt Candelabra Guys
Nighthaunt Candelabra Guys
My candelabra boys! 1 Guardian of Souls and 3 Dreadwardens of my Nighthaunt army. Made a little bit of color adjustment on the flames to make it "float" and added a bit of frosty OSL. I envision the light to be a "sickly, undead" spectral light rather than "true" light.

C&C welcome.
  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter


  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    whoah, gold!

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    These are really good and consistent as a set!

    Since you welcome C&C: I like your concept on the flames and the OSL, but I am not really getting that impression from them. The green flames could use some more tone and/or hue variation, such as being near white at the part close to the candle and more green towards the end of the flame. It will give the flame more oomph. If the frost is at the bottom of the ghosts, it is very subtle. You could boost this by going with frosty veins on the base around the ghosts (less OSL, but similar radial feature), or making the bottom of the ghost brighter, then radiating more blue outward.

    The color gradient you got on the “cloth” is super solid and nicely done, especially since you got it so consistent for the set. The leaves on the base help set the atmosphere nicely too.

    Happy painting! :)

    • GianCarloJubela

      Thank you for the suggestion. :) Will definitely apply your suggestion on my next Nighthaunt models. :)