First I saw that dead root on the wooden floor. Then I read a script about a killer being nailed to a tree by an arrow through his hand. Well, the rest is history... and a lot of work. I sculpted bigger parts of the elf myself.

I'm interested in telling stories with my miniatures, in creating an atmophere where the spectator's mind can go and come it's own story of what happened. Or what happens right now, right there in the burned forest...

I entered the diorama category on Games Day Germany 2011, but they changed it to WH single, due to the wrong base. In the end I got the Bronze Demon with it and happily left with my first trophy.

And since this is the first project I put here on Putty&Paint;, I'm looking forward to spend more time here!

cheers Wolfgang aka Elric
  • schiraga


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Good to have you here! Love the piece!

  • Thomas Wasch

    This piece really caught my attention at the Gd.  Like it a lot.

  • Elric

    Thank you guys! I’m glad you like it. If possible I will add some detail pics of the tattoos. They tell a story too ;)