"We have come to thee so thou shall welcome the embrace of Nagash."

My Nighthaunt Grimghast Reapers. This is probably among my favorite sculpts of the Nighthaunt range. Despite the fragile supports, the models are extremely fun to build.

However, I did put some extra time puttying the gaps on each of the models' backs ---a common problem when it comes to no-glue kits. I shaved off the male pegs to allow a better fit and reduce the gaps, then actually cement the mating surfaces. I learned the hard way that if you don't cement the mating surfaces, the plastic will break off or crack when you apply enamel or oil washes (thanks to the thinner's thermal reaction while it cures).

The painting process and materials are the same in all my other Nighthaunt models---lacquer and water-based paints, acrylic inks for the spectral tendrils and OSL, pigments and pastel chalk for rusting and weathering, and oil paints for highlighting.

I often steer clear away from using acrylic paints to administer shadows, highlights, and other specialty effects due to the medium's inability to achieve the correct scale and degree of subtlety. C&C is always welcome.

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