Montaperti 1260
Montaperti 1260
Montaperti 1260
Montaperti 1260
Montaperti 1260
Montaperti 1260
Two fabulous 75 mm figures from "La Meridiana Miniatures"
They go so well together, that I could not resist painting them
mixture of acrylics and oils
This Italian medieval battle was fought between Florence and Sienna ; In the mid-13th century, Guelphs held sway in Florence whilst Ghibellines controlled Siena
The arms of Florence show a fleur-de-lis, or Florentine lily. Until 1251 the coat of arm of Florence was a white lily on a red field. But that year the Guelph party drove the Ghibellins out of the city and they inverted the colours of the coat of arm: red lily on a white shield.
the other heraldry comes from a city district
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


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    Sample for painting medieval figures.













































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    Sample for painting medieval figures.













































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    I always look at your work with interest, Mark.
















































    Great job!

























    I always look at your work with interest, Mark.













































    Прекрасная работа! Всегда с интересом рассматриваю твои работы, Марк. Золото!






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    Beautiful, and the two levels add depth to the base, subtle but very effective.

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  • Michele Delbene

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      Two figures full of character
      A peasure to paint