My Nighthaunt Vorgheist, which counts as a Mourngul during gameplay. This is a 3D-printed model from Fleshcraft Studios.

I prefer this one over the official Forge World Mourngul, which is too thin for my tastes. I also feel the original Mourngul design doesn't fit the Nighthaunt aesthetic; it's too "ghouly" and "monstery" rather than ghostly.

Fleshcraft Studios has done a fantastic job in designing the Vorgheist. Very simple yet perfectly fits a "monster ghost" theme without actually looking like a monster.

I originally painted the Vorgheist to have dirty, rotten talons. But I thought I could do a bit more. To make the Vorgheist look more sinister, I decided to make its talons bloody. The blood was done by stippling GW's Blood for the Blood God then scaling and breaking it up with mineral spirits. It dries flat so to restore the bloody sheen, I applied acrylic glaze on the blood.

I'm also waiting for my UHU glue to arrive; I want to experiment with applying sticky blood.

The painting process and materials used are the same in all my other Nighthaunt models---lacquer and waterbased paints, acrylic inks for the spectral tendrils and OSL, pigments and pastel chalk for rusting and weathering, and oil paints for highlighting. C&C welcome.

You can check out my work at my humble personal FB page "The Simple Hobbyista"