I painted Lady Olynder differently than my other Nighthaunts. I wanted her wedding gown to look dirty and soiled---like an ancient wedding gown---rather than the bluish spectral tendrils of my army.

I flicked slightly diluted GW Blood for the Blood God. While still wet, I used a fine-tipped brush dipped in mineral spirits and tapped on the blood spots. This causes the Blood for the Blood God to separate and bead up, making it in-scale with the model.

Lady Olynder is supported with a single stem, which makes the model very fragile. I stabilized her position by adding gravestones at the rear of the base and epoxying two of the gown's tendrils on top of the gravestones. Once the epoxy dried, these completed a "tripod" setup to make Lady Olynder stable.

Her handmaidens were supposed to be attached to her gown, but I decided to make them separate entities. I attached a metal wire under each of them, drilled holes in the base, and epoxied the wire so that they'll look like they're hovering. I painted them like the rest of my Nighthaunt army for a unified look.

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