1/35 white resin Panzergrenadier from Warriors.

The figure is advertised as 1/35, but he's off-scale when built; he's actually bigger than most 1/35 figures. That means, he can't be used in my planned 1/35 dioramas

Thus, I decided to make this Panzergrenadier a practice piece for my flesh techniques. I have some extra wargaming bases around, so I attached him on one to make a small autumn vignette.

I painted an oakleaf camouflage pattern on his poncho. For variation, I painted his trousers and hood Field Gray. For the skin tone, I used the same formula I did with my Viking warrior. The result was too dark for Aryan skin. However, I read that German skin, like ours, also darkens while exposed to the sun. Nevertheless, on my next 1/35 figure models, I'll do a much lighter tone. C&C welcome.