Figure with bike: 1/35 scale, MasterBox
Base: Styrodur on wooden pedestal, 230 mm in diameter, displayed under a glass dome
Landscape: Plaster, putty, sand, pebbles, earth, carved gravel stones
Paints: Acrylic, mostly Vallejo
Plants: natural material, diorama material
Tree: twigs, florist's wire, putty, seafoam; leaves made from dried oregano (making the diorama smell like pizza once you open the glass dome ...:-))

The title of this diorama of an elderly lady pushing her bike bravely into the center of an old stone circle is an hommage to Sir Terry Pratchett, whose discworld novels I love. Nanny Ogg is an old witch who likes to sing songs with hidden innuendos, is the most skilled midwife in the mountains and is - contrary to most other witches - open to modern ways of thinking and living. This is why she has gotten herself the newest invention on the discworld: a bicycle. The stone circle she is crossing can be a magic doorway into the nightmare world of the elves; but Nanny isn't afraid. She has helped beating the evil queen of the fairies some time ago when the elves tried to invade this world, so she knows these creatures are not invincible. But most of all she knows that the greatest danger in the woods is any witch who walks in it, and at the moment this is she herself. As soon as she gets her breath back, she will most likely start singing the rather ambigious hedge hog song ...
  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    Nice …. Gold :)

  • Peter"Peterpaint"Trenner

    Sehr schöne Arbeit, ganz besonders gelungen finde ich das Fahrrad!

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Richard Duebell

    Thanks everybody! I am very glad you like the work.

  • Richard Duebell

    @Peter: Das war ein hervorragendes Modell von MasterBox, aber zT ziemlich knifflig zum Zusammenbauen. :-) Ohne Lupenbrille ging da nix ...

  • Richard Duebell

    @Maestosa Arte: Thank you! If it weren’t for the threat the elves are posing, I’d like to spend a sunny afternoon there myself. ;-))

  • scott a shalterPLUS

    Neat background story