Painted by Chris Panagiotou
Photos: Stelios Demiras / Mr Black Publications

Giant: 90mm
Knight: 38mm

Concept: The concept is really simple actually…The Brave knight confronting the giant, a classic faery tail theme.

Character design
– Earth Giant: The giant’s anatomy is really weird. I did this for a reason. I believe that if giants were real, it would be something like that. Fat and shot feet for balance, long arms so he doesn’t have to bend over when he wants to grab something (since he is very long), huge belly since he eats a lot and small head because he has a small brain. The shields protect the arms and legs and at the back you can see his lunch (2 sacks with food and a horse leg). The necklace is a sign with a drawing of his face saying “wanted”.
– Knight: He is the classic “knight in shining armor” and as you can see he will be probably be dead in a few minutes lol

Photos by: Mr Black Publications
  • Peter "Baphomet" TothPLUS

    A nice paintjob but sadly the giant is not looking at the knight… seems like the giant is not very interested in this thiny metal-man ;) but nevertheless I like it :)

  • Dark Sarouman

    best sculpting and paint !!!!

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Outstanding concept and perfect painting!

  • Winterland

    Great work