Viking warrior, 75 mm, MERCURY MODELS
  • Paraskeyas Marazakis

    Fantastic artistic work! I don’t know if the shield design is really historical accurate, but the don’t mind….
    Gold !

  • davidg100

    The overall paint deserves a gold, but the shield itsef deserves more !

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Голд и вот это вот все =)

  • girlpainter57

    gold   beautiful freehand

  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"

    Una pasada de pieza, oro!!!

  • David BatistaPLUS


  • Gus

    Genial .Oro

  • Entrevon


  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS


  • TimPLUS

    Love the textures and that freehand!! - Gild

  • Bran

    As always, I love your work, it’s really beautiful !!

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Perfect painting ! Gold

  • fabrizio1969PLUS


  • Clive Jackson

    Wonderful muted palette! Gold!