Somewhere in the Bavarian Alps the alphorn is being blown. The cows in the pasture feel calmer already.

The figure is from Noch in HO scale. Although it came painted, I decided to repaint it using Vallejo acrylics in order to enhance its tiny details and the differences between the materials.

For the base I used different lengths of static grass. However, I didn’t manage to make them stand upright without a static grass applicator and as a result it looks as if it has been trampled. Also, I drybrushed lightly with different shades of green and yellow to make it more lively and I added some small rocks and scattered a few pieces of dried tea leaves for more variety.

In general, I am happy with the figure, but not completley satisfied with the base itself. I will give the grass application process more tries in the future and I will try to improve on it.
  • davidg100

    I find this one funny, great work !
    Gold !

    • SteliosG

      Thank you!

  • John Davis

    Great work, plus it totally justifies having a big plinth

    • SteliosG

      Thanks! The slope makes it look even bigger.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


    • SteliosG

      Thank you very much!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I like this a lot! You can even hear how loud it is! Well done!

    • SteliosG

      Thank you! I am very glad you enjoy it. Your comment means a lot to me!

  • David KuehnPLUS

    Beautiful little project. Loving it!

    • SteliosG

      Thank you! I appreciate it!