Finished another Mini by PollyGrimm. Printed it a few months ago.
The sculpt has amazing detail like the little ornaments on the gloves and the pouch and really pushed my detail skills to the limits.
But all in all a rather fast paintjob of 4 days. I start to get faster :)
Hope you like him.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Wow! Great tones and ambience!

    • CyAniDe

      Thanks a lot. Tried to stay close to illustrations I looked up.

  • John Delamere

    Love this.

    • CyAniDe

      Thanks a lot. Glad you like him :)

  • Peter"Peterpaint"Trenner

    Tolle Arbeit!!

    • CyAniDe

      Vielen Dank :)

  • Guillaume "Skas" Masselot

    My man Regis the nice vampire :D
    Very nice lighting of the piece I love it

    • CyAniDe

      Thanks a lot. Trying to think more about light and atmosphere and also started to collect inspiration from illustrations or paintings. It’s a completly different approach for me. I start to think more about what I want to paint and how light would work istead of how I paint (technique x,y or this recepie for leather, these 3 colors for skin ...) - if that makes sense. Also reduced my palette a lot and mix a lot of tones from a small selection of base tones.

  • Chris / g0rb

    Love this, it looks so dark but there is so much light going on, the atmosphere is great. Gold from me!

    • CyAniDe

      Thank you very much. Tried to paint him in a cool light like moonshine coming through a castle window.
      And well the Witcher universe isn’t the warmest/happiest place :)

  • schiragaPLUS

    Richtig düster gold