Hi all,

I am excited to finally publish this project! It was originally supposed to be complete for the Orktober 2021 challenge, but the completion was delayed of a couple of months.

My original idea was having this big guy come out of jungle undergrowth. I can imagine it moving plants aside with his big axe, looking for his enemy and screaming in rage.

The background is a freehand painting. It's my first freehand so I am really proud of it.

I hope you enjoy it and cannot wait to hear your thoughts to improve :)
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

    In the jungle the mighty jungle the orc is coming out! Hey Alessia this is a very cool orc. The axe is looking goregeous.

  • Eamon Connerty

    Very nice work!

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    I really like the backdrop, I really like the orc, and I really like the basing on the bottom! Since you asked for feedback to improve:
    I think that the base, backdrop, and orc are mis-matched. They don’t have a compositional harmony. The dominant yellowish base colors don’t suggest that the base is part of the same world as the backdrop, which is beautifully desaturated and leans blue instead on a spectrum of greens. The orc’s head matches the backdrop, but could use more connection thematically to the bottom.
    Good work - looking forward to your next creation!

    • Alessia AmitranoPLUS

      Hi Rhiana,

      this is a very interesting observation and I will look at the diorama and try to focus on these aspects! It does make sense as this is my first attempt at something more ‘professional’ , but I am still studying and training my eye to artistic concepts!

      Thank you for taking time to write this! :)