Completed this Bandai 1/48 scale Rebel Snowspeeder last week. This build is about 99% out of box, with the exception of the new clear flight stand and the skull 'noseart' decal. As the kit comes in movie accurate colored plastic, this is mostly unpainted. I did add panel lines and steel chipping and wear using vallejo acrylics; as well as painting the ID panels in Tamiya gloss red (in order to aid in recognition by SAR teams). The smoke, fuel, and rust effects (largely noticeable on the underside) are done in watercolor pencils.

The cockpit is fully painted in acrylics because there is a LOT of detail that would go unnoticed without. Because the pilots are horribly modeled and too small for the scale, I left them out, removed the slot tabs on the seats, and added strapping with good old-fashioned tape. The canopy and the forward laser cannon service panels are easily removable with a little adjusting.

Really nice little kit with very few fit issues. I finished this just in time for the Mad City Model Show (IPMS Regionals), where it took 2nd place in the Sci-Fi category. This is also perfectly scale for 28mm tabletop gaming, including Star Wars Legion.