Hello fellow painters,

Today I would like to share with you my second bust. It is Krugg from Lukáš Žaba and his company zabaart. The sculpt is clean and allows for a lot of interpretations and personalisation. But as I am not skilled enough I was trying to copy Lukas' boxart version, however with slight changes. But when I was not sure what to do - I always checked the original piece.

My Krugg's story is that he was a gardener, living a life of a monk a peaceful one surrounded by flowers in his cottage. One day he was taken and chained by the enemy. I wanted my orc to show vulnerability and compassion, contrasting with the usually brutish side of orcs we see in our miniature painting world.

I used kimera colours as a base coat and then I used oils to fully create volumes and everything else. Then I went back with acrylics and created the freehands and other textures. I think that for the first time I managed to use oils as I wanted. I do not have them figured out, but painting with them is getting step by step under my skin. It is a very calming approach to painting, comparing it to the acrylics.

I hope you like my version and if you like the sculpt be sure to check it out.

Thank you for looking at my piece.

Take care and happy painting!

Cheers, Štěpán