For over a year I was now fiddeling with this diorama. Planned as something small (haha, as always ) it turned to be a decent sized scenery as well.
To be honest, I know its not my best attempt, but given the time I got left and the inspiration I was lacking, this is quite alright.

It features an Sd.Kfz. 10/4 2cm Flak and a Kübelwagen somewhere in a boring spot of land in the atlas mountains in tunis around april 1943.

There is no fancy technique involved, but I enjoyed the process of creating the rough stone textures.
The brown skintone was challenging - to say the least...

I couldnt find any cactuses to a reasonable price online, so I decided to print them myself with my Prusa Mk3s. Turned out pretty good for an FDM print.

Never the less, hope you like it!