The genesis of this idea took hold while visiting the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. This was my second visit to the museum, but the first time that I had taken advantage of the full tour. My tour began by being personally shown some of the museum artifacts by a Holocaust Survivor, his narrative intertwined with the descriptions of the museum pieces. His Story – Their Story; had a profound impact.
  • Andi001

    GreatJob…. i like it .I votet ” Gold”

  • Degryse Jan

    A peace of history,  seized by a painter
    “gold for me”

  • Hendryk " Jimmy " Schröder

    this is so emotional and moody - I am every time again touched when I see it! Gold - what else!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This diorama truely is a sad one ... very well done!

  • toni_nieto

    Congrats for this work, its amazing. Keep on doing!

  • Jeff Cupernell

    Amazing Work!  We need more dioramas like this, and less of Nazi’s reading road maps.

  • modlrfleck

    Do you mind sharing with me how you painted the stripes on the uniform. Im working on a similar vignette now in 1/72 and need to figure out how to get the stripes to follow the folds in the clothing.