Hello fellow painters,

Today I would like to share with you something, what I started painting last year as an oil practice with Lukáš Žaba
As always, thank you for all your lessons, my friend.

This is my first 75mm miniature and to be honest, it is not my best work. And that is okay. I wanted to take the lessons I've gathered and move to another project. So I call my Tonga done and maybe in the future I will revisit him.

Tonga was vey interesting project for me as I did not own the colour we used to set the skin tones and my handling of oil colours is still not the best. The face is a mess as I could not paint the eyes and I think that placement of the highlights is fine - but I could not mix the colour, which would match it. So overall I am not proud of this figure, but I am glad I painted him, as he taught me a lot.

There are of course, things, which I really like. I am proud of the base, which was sculpted and comes with the model - I finally found a way of how to create a moss, which I like. Another thing I like is the texture on the clothes and the rock. I think that I managed to capture the heavily used clothes well. But if you want to see amazing version of this mini - see Lukáš' and my friend Ladislav Majer's version, both are amazing.

In the next days I will add a reel and some of those texture details!

So thanks for looking at my mini and stay safe and happy painting, everyone!