Sculpted by Veiled Lamp

Painted in 2022 and mounted on a formed brass rod set into a naturally shaped plinth that has been cut down and finished. I wanted to work with the otherworldly intention of the sculpt and mount her in a way that worked with the theme and flow of the piece.

This was also a severe learning curve to try and work with a darker skin tone that I am unfamiliar with. The added difficulty of maintaining a balance of value and contrast across the piece meant that I took this on as quite a challenge. Still, a lot to learn, but I'm quite chuffed with how it's turned out.

From Veiled lamp's site:
"For this sculpture, I was inspired to use the symbolism of 'The Star' tarot card and re-interpret it in a dark fantasy style.

The water pitcher in her right hand represents the conscious mind and pours into the ocean; the pitcher in her left hand represents the subconscious and pours onto the earth. Her head is surrounded by an 8-pointed Star (5 points on her headdress, with the remaining 3 on her necklace), and her right armband contains 7 tiny stars representing the 7 chakras.

I wanted her to look quite eerie and alien, so I played with the proportions of her face to look otherworldly - she comes from the stars."
  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"

    Buen trabajo!!!!

  • Eamon Connerty

    Really like the way you mounted this, and the painting is also really good! A little puddle at the end of the stream of liquid would have looked cool.