Star Wars Legion Darth Vader

(Note - I did notice and fix the improperly shaded red highlight on his codpiece after I took these pics!)

Really enjoyed working on this figure though, due to his consistently dark tones, it was technically challenging. Like the Deathtroopers, this was another figure I did using glazes, working my way up from a medium tone grey into straight black. His armor plates are done in Turbodork's Black Ice and the 'leather' portions of his suit are coated in Tamiya Clear to give them a semi-gloss finish. Armor details are done in Vallejo Gunship Gray, Vallejo Oily Steel, Tamiya Park Green, and AK Gunmetal.

The lightsaber was very tricky. A lot of painters so the highlights in a pinkish white, but I really wanted mine to have a more fiery tone, so I opted to highlight from yellow into red.

The red OSL is mostly Vallejo Red and Tamiya Red, heavily thinned to glazes and then I toned the transitions down by applying a wash of Secret Weapon Red Black (a wash I've grown to love and I'm unsure what I'll do when it runs out)