Hello fellow artists. Time for something a bit different. As many of you know I’m more of a diorama artist and a fantasy artist at that so this is quite different for me. This is my first historical piece.

In an effort to further my painting skills I tackled this historical bust from @lifeminiatures “Retreat to victory”. The goal was to work on refining skills and representing materials realistically. It was a….challenging piece. Not something I enjoyed (by no fault of the sculpt which is amazing) but something that I do feel I learned from. The piece forced me to over come certain hurtles and for that I’m grateful. Heck at one point I sanded most of the face to start over.

In the end I feel it doesn’t have a classic historical look nor does it really look like a piece I typically paint. It’s a bit of an amalgamation of the two.

Big thanks to Alfonso for all of his lessons and help with the piece. I appreciate all the lessons my friend.