Dear friends,

this is my first project after almost 10 years break!

I hope you will like it. Comments are welcome....

  • Radovan DarkTower Rybovic

    Paradni navrat, jedna z nejlepsich veci cos namaloval. U mne top!

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    Congratulations on returning to painting! It looks great, especially the cloth texturing and the degree of highlighting and blending of the skintones.
    My comments are these:
    It would help to highlight and shade the hair by volume before highlighting by strand. Some of the shade hues chosen could have perhaps been a bit more golden-brown, as the result seems to be a more dirty shadow than needed.
    The skin could use more hue variation - it seems to all be highlighted and shaded around the same flesh pink. Working in some other hues such as yellows, blues, purples, greens, will help give a face more character. It doesn’t take much - I’d try studying some of Arnau Lazaro’s (I think that’s how to spell his name!) pieces for examples of skin with high hue variation to show what is possible.
    For 10 years of being away from hobby, this is excellent work. I am also impressed by the gold trim and the hand of the king brooch - the golds are stellar :)
    Welcome back and keep painting!

  • Stefan Sturm aka "StefanHWS"

    Welcome back. 10 Years!! Realy like you Bust!