"On the third day of Paint Queuemas...."

Today's entry is a unit of Imperial Special Forces. This is a newer Legion kit, with harder plastic and less mold lines, which was a real blessing. Very little cleanup and a straightforward assembly process.

They're all primed in dark grey, and I edge highlighted the flight suit with Vallejo Air neutral grey before applying two coats of Secret Weapon Soft Body Black wash. This provides so contrast without making the suit look dull. The armor was then painted in TurboDork Black Ice. Helmet lenses were painted in Vallejo Air Orange Rust (it has good brightness) and then given two coats of red acrylic ink wash, with the final coat being applied along the outside rim of the lenses on the helmet, providing a faint flow effect.

I then painted the blasters in Vallejo Dark Grey, added some chipping and wear using Vallejo Air Aluminum, and washed them in SB Black. The sniper and specialist weapons' barrels were given a burnt look by applying AK Gunmetal, AK Astral Beryllium, and TurboDork Laserface, and then blended with a dilute wash of Purple ink. Life support pack details are painted using Vallejo Red and Park Green.

I received the helmet decals from Little metal spaceship on Etsy and they went on easily, with a little cutting and decal set.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!