"On the sixth day of Paint Queuemas..."

Today's entry is another group of Eureka Miniatures - some 28mm US Army in MOPP Gear. This is a great range of figures with a lot of variety beyond even those I have here. If I had one criticism, it's that the mold lines are kind of tricky to see and remove because they often run along seams, pockets, etc.

This is another bunch of miniatures I've done using zenithal priming and glazing. The fatigues are done by painting one coat of Dark Green ink, then a coat of GW Camoshade, and then I applied blotches Vallejo Medium Brown and Medium Olive, then did a final wash of Camoshade to tone the transitions down and blend it all together. Yes, I know this isn't true US Army woodland camo as it lacks black but I decided against including it since it didn't look nice and took away from the shading. All the webbing is Reaper Worn Olive, washed with a coat of GW Camoshade.

Doing the flesh was surprisingly easy, as I opted to simply paint the brows and cheeks with Vallejo Flat Flesh, and then washing it with a heavy application of Fleshshade and Sepia. Once I filled the lenses with Testors Canopy Glue after sealing, it gives the effect of deeply sunk eyes inside a hood. Gunmetal was done with basecoat of Dark Grey and a coat of Black ink.

As I wanted to go with a post apocalyptic "Twilight 2000" vibe, I kept the bases very sparse of vegetation, opting solely for rocky soil using a variety of craft paint. I did not include much dirtying of their