Forest Spirit [Wolf Girl]
Forest Spirit [Wolf Girl]
Forest Spirit [Wolf Girl]
Forest Spirit [Wolf Girl]
I 'd like to try some shadow effect on this bust, since San (otherwise known as Princess Mononoke) always come from forest and protecting it is her primary concern.
  • Steph 59PLUS

    Great, a great GOLD…...
    If you want to see my figurines, my Indian and my Mercy need a vote to be able to progress the friend, well if you want ......

    • ShiJen Chen

      Thank you~ and your works are awesome

  • Vitaly Lapshin


  • Matthew Bai

    the shadow effect is super!

    • ShiJen Chen

      Thank you so much~

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    You did great with her! There are some areas which aren’t “smooth” but I think it works to convey the anime-character vibe, without being cell-shading. The shadowing turned out wonderful.

    • ShiJen Chen

      I really appreciate your comments, thank you so much my firend

  • John Delamere

    Great job!

  • Gregory Gregory

    Love it! Where’s this from?

    • ShiJen Chen

      Is printed by STL file (forest spirit bust) but sorry I don’t know the creater’s workshop name.

  • Jonatan Gil - Elinhir

    I like your painting style. Great…Gold.

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Great !  Gold

  • Eamon Connerty


  • Steve Garcia

    Nice, well done. That’s a def cool effect. Congrats!

    • ShiJen Chen

      Thank you so much friend

  • Andrey Miroshnichenko


  • Atila KawautiPLUS

    Amazing work!

  • Peter (Chilwd)

    nice job! love how you did the lighting

  • ohtekPLUS

    Wow nice light expression!!gold

  • joseluiscabrera