It has been a long time that I have posted something on a real miniature homepage. Many years ago I was on Coolmini and other forums, so it's nice to come back with some new personal work. So hello! :)

I have put together a website, which feels very much like a digital home to me. And with it, I finished a personal project, with two things I currently love. Space suits and plants. And I think especially the plants/scenery are something I want to explore more in the future.

All this possible thanks to 3d printing. Of course it can be possible by hand, but I would get very old by the end of it... :)
As you can see it is somewhat painted. I'm not a great painter, but I grow really bored of seeing my sculpts in grey, so I tried some mood painting. Anyway, I hope it inspires the real painters among you to try out something nice on it! :)

So, I hope you like it!
All the best,