Iraqi infantryman 1983
Iraqi infantryman 1983
Iraqi infantryman 1983
Iraqi infantryman 1983
Hello all,

My first single figure in acrylics and my first post to Putty and Paint.
Besides a small experiment with Vallejo acrylics some 15 years ago I always painted with Humbrol and some oils. At the time I couldn’t get a grasp on working with acrylics so I put them away and used my Humbrol since. But Humbrol paints aren’t what they used to be anymore and that was influencing my painting and modelling experience negatively. So I stepped over to using acrilycs.

The figure is a small conversion of the MIG Lebanese tanker, new head and helmet, some small carving and sculpting. Base is done in magic sculpt. I believe the ammo box is from MIG also.

Shadows and highlighting are still a little harsh. On my next figures I wanna to try more subtlety in the transitions.
Robert Jan
  • Steven ZuleskiPLUS

    Excellent work for first time out of the chute!

  • StephaneDeltenrePLUS

    Excellent boulot de peinture, vote OR

  • schiraga


  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    You may consider reposting with the photos in the proper orientation :)

  • Robertkees

    Thank you all for the nice comments and rewards!
    Very appreciated.

    Thanks Rihana. I will try to upload them from my laptop instead of the tablet.

  • joseluiscabrera