Deano’s Garage.
Deano’s Garage.
Deano’s Garage.
Deano’s Garage.
Deano’s Garage.
Deano’s Garage.
Deano’s Garage.
This little vignette was built for my former supervisor for his retirement party. Chuck Doan was my inspiration for this attempt.

Deano's dream was to open a welding shop after he retired, and that he did. However, roughly four months after taking over a local welding shop a fire destroyed his shop and all his equipment worth thousands of dollars. His inventory of hardened steel was decimated leaving him in a really bad spot. He has since moved on to dirt work and truck hauling, but yes, he still has this vignette.

The structure was built using blue construction foam for the initial shape and pine strips were added for the siding. The fuel pump was scratch built using construction paper and clear sheet styrene for the glass. Copper tubing was used for the hose and I made all the parts that would normally be seen on these old pumps from leftovers in the scrap bin.

The light, front door with screen, windows, and water hose on the side of the building were all scratch built. The outside was given a good ol salt and hairspray work over in an attempt to create that really old weathered look.
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