Hello everyone! I represent your attention my last, and at the moment, the most extensive work - "Band of Brothers". The composition is a five Swiss infantrymen preparing reflect the likely attack the enemy (possibly the Burgundians).
A few words about the participants: Shooter from hand culverin, leaning on pavise, represents a Swiss canton of Bern. Crossbowman of the canton of Uri and its capital - Altdorf, as evidenced by the coat of arms on a shield behind him. Highest position takes standard bearer of the canton Unterwalden. Warrior with a halberd in the center and pikeman can belong to any of the cantons of the Swiss Confederacy.
Some figures have undergone small changes and revisions: for example, are made ​​two pavise, banner, spear, sword for standard bearer, etc. Base - this is my first experience of manufacturing mountainside. Used for its manufacture bark of various trees, cork, natural stones of different sizes, texture paste, to simulate vegetation - roots, moss, coffee.
The composition is made for a private collection.
I would be happy for your comments and criticized, dear colleagues!