Skink Priest
Skink Priest
Skink Priest
Another piece from last year. I left my figure case on the train when returning from the German Games Day with the Forge World Chaos Dwarf I was planning to do for the UK Games Day (Thanks to Chris for collecting my case from lost property in London). As a result I bought this piece to do instead as a lot of people were painting it at the time and it seemed a nice sculpt where you could have a lot of fun with colours.

I think it is also the first piece where I gave the metallics a glaze of watered down gloss varnish to add some depth back into the shadows. Using dark non metallic paints to shade is effective, but sometimes it can leave the shadows looking a bit flat and dry. A touch of gloss seems to counter that ...

The figure also has the advantage of having very very big eyes :)

Thanks for looking

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I will give that gloos thing a try, sounds very useful. Thanks for the hint; Conrad. I love the colour choices of this guy, really powerful and strong!

    • Conrad Mynett

      Thanks for the kind words.  The gloss is definately worth a try, I used it on the prospector I did for Stresa, I’ll post some pics soon so you can have a look at that as well.

      Interestingly I just picked up the scale 75 inks to see how they work when shading metallics, might not need the gloss then.  But I’ve avoided inks since I got the first ones games workshop released and totally broke my painting style :)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"