MV Forged Hope: Farm Bot
MV Forged Hope: Farm Bot
MV Forged Hope: Farm Bot
MV Forged Hope: Farm Bot
This is my Farm Bot. In times when food is rare it´s not an good idea to have human farmers, who want to eat more of the plants than they are allowed to -or give it to their families or those who paid for. So the solution is a neutral farmer - and who is more neutral than a bot that needs no food? Right nobody. So here is the keeper of the postapocalyptical glashouse (I think they need glashouses because of the toxic rain).

The Farm Bot does his work day after day - and nothing special happens. There are no humans allowed in the glashouses and so he works alone. But he love to see his plants grow and talk to them - cause there is nobody to talk to. But then comes the day everything changed. Somehow a little lizard found a way into his loneliness. The Farmbot never have seen a creature like this and all he knows about living creatures is, that they need food (thats the reason why the humans builded him) and so he grabs a corncob an offers the lizard some kernels and he realizes that he is not alone anymore.

I know my english isn´t good. Hope you get what I mean. Thanks for this great contest -I had really fun while building this little dio. If you are intested, you can find here some more pictures about building up

the Base
the Details
  • Matt DiPietro

    Great idea! This was one of my favorites from the competition. I love how your work has such heart :)

  • Sebastian "Simon Moon" Reschke

    This is just awesome! love it so.
    Gold from me for that :)