This is my entry for the Forged Hope contest from Massive Voodoo.

We have the year 2044 after a outbreak from a deadly Virus nothing is living any more in the World, no Humans no animals, the only think who didn`t stop to exist is a small farmer Robot names Greenthumb. He have only one task, to water the fruits, to dung the vegetables and to collect the good food. Greenthumb realized that the humans didn`t exist any more but he can´t stop to collect all the food, he has to do his job till his battery is empty. After a day full of work he has a small moment in his garden and he heard something, something really silent, something what he didn´t heard long time ago something that let him forget everything allround him. He looked up and he saw a touch full of colours full of emotions of freedom and a new beginning, but not for him,

he forget his battery.

For me it was also a good step in the next level of my Painting Skills and i learned a lot

I hope you like it