This is my recent paint job and conversion of Belegar Ironhammer, i wanted to give him a more impressive weapon so re modeled the arm and gave him an axe! i also removed the sculped detail frm the cloak so that i could apply freehand. To finish the conversion i added a small crest to the helmet.
With the painting i wanted to use lots of metallic colours and copper was one that i hadn't used for ages. This was a really fun project!
I hope you like, Darren.
  • Sash

    Hi, your way of painting metallick is so great. It fits perfect to Dwarfs. Do you use White for highliting your metallicks? What colours are used for Gold in your way? Keep on happy painting. Thank you for showing.

  • Martin "BangDoll" Grandbarbe

    Very bright and clean miniature. I always love your paint skills Darren.

  • Melanie

    Great colour choices. Works perfectly on this miniature.

  • Wiltrichs

    The metallics on this are perfect!

  • Jonathan Hart

    Outstanding work.