Hi everybody ,
Let's see the Orc I've done 1 years ago as a personnal projet , at the beginning at least ^^ .

Since it've been painted by the very talented "Honourguard" ( Olivier SPAETH ) and integrated in a large Dio to be présented at STRESA worl expo ( we won Broze medal in master Open fantasy category , thanks to the great paintjob of Oli' )

Cheers ,
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Excellent sculpt congrats

  • Sash

    Hi Cedric, love your sculpt and the painting of this Ork is so amazing. I like Pauls’ drawing and the official sculpt from Rackham too. You did a great new interpretation of this artwork.
    Mercy beaucop for posting.

  • CedricBataille-Petitpedestre

    Thank you so much for your vote ;))) and for the nice comments .

  • Winterland


  • Roman "gadyukevi4" Gaydakov

    Great work!