I was impressed by hypnotic beat of Raffaele Picca, (http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2012/05/hypnotic-beat.html)a transformation of Medusa Lugdunum, and I started this transformation to do this.
I changed from the bust of Arnaud Guilliams (http://www.arnaudguilliams.com/article-bust-daken-darkwolverine-peint-66967217.html): For me, HE WAS important to keep the spirit of hypnotic beat, reminds colors, but to incorporate the idea of ​​free music. so I put in the back of the skull a reading device music, mp3 type directly connect to the psyche to listen to it own music, and the character who breaks the chains to liberate the dictate of commercial music, producer of discs. Here, there is a message inside.