Hello amigos!!!
I want to show you my new paintjob.

I painted this amazing bust from Casey Love yesterday night... in 4 hours!!!
I just wanted to do something different in a different way. :-)

This bust comes in flesh colored translucent resin, which makes the painting process a bit different than usual, as you have to paint with glazes of different tones rather than having to cover the whole model with paint and building up the volumes with shades and highlights.

90% was done with the airbrush and the rest by brush.

I also had the chance to test the new Scale 75 Fantasy&Games; color range and I have to say they are amazing!!!
I know that the final result could have been much better but I am very happy with the outcome (especially for 4 hours) and this new technique I have tested.

I am really looking forward to paint more models like this ;-)
I hope you like it
  • Jenny Greenteeth

    Man, that translucent resin looks really cool. Great Job.
    Is this a 3-part-kit, with the 2 plastic bubbles at each side?


    • David "Karaikal" Rodriguez

      Thanks Oliver!
      I am glad you like it.
      Yes, the kit comes in three pieces including the 2 “bubbles” :-)