Full scratchbuild model that was 3 years in progress and won overall on Crystal brush 2015 in Chicago.
  • Stanislav Kurylenko

    At last he appeared here!!! Excellent work!!!

  • JeanMarc Brisset

    just perfect ! :)

  • Domenico Mimmo "Nightmare"


  • Matt DiPietro

    Incredible in both painting and sculpting.

  • JensRosenbaum "Didgman"

    Beautiful piece of art .

  • Jose A Gallego "JAG"


  • Sergey Savenkov


  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    Wow, hadn’t had a good look at his face! Great emotion there. Geez who blew up his Chapter monastery ;)

  • Daniel

    Hey Kirill,

    this made me speechless. You put Daniel Craig into a terminator armor, flood him with insane Freehands and realistic textures and so you created a beautiful piece of art.

    Very very cool!

  • Jason Zhou

    I am speechless. What a fabulous artwork!

  • CedricBataille-Petitpedestre

    Gold, what else

  • Anastasios Kandris

    R E S P E C T !!!

  • Sebastian "Simon Moon" Reschke

    Just awesome! i wish i could vote somthing better than gold!
    something like platin covered in diamonds hidden in a pot of gold!

  • Andy Gillaspy

    A truly awesome piece of work! Very inspiring.

  • Kirill Kanaev

    Thanks alot for all this kind words :) It`s inspire me to make more nice models :)

  • Philip PrinzPLUS


  • santimolto

    Every millimeter on this figure is a piece of art…This is one of the most wonderful miniatures that I ever seen.

    Congratulations Kirill

  • A.Demidov


  • Dirk R.

    Really amazing !!!

    Wonderful details - GREAT !

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    Best piece ever gold

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    the god of painting…

  • Radovan DarkTower Rybovic

    Amazing piece of art.Very stylish and bondish :) Pure inspiration. Love it! GOLD seems not be enough, maybe it’s time to add DIAMOND

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I am without words.

  • Ben Baird

    Simply put, a testament to the culmination of a decade of incredible advances in miniature painting, embodied in the form and function of one perfect in its own imperfections miniature.

  • Jonathan Hart

    You know that one piece that elevates the artist to god- like status?
    Leonardo had his Mona Lisa and Milo had his Venus…
    You, my friend, have this and forever afterwards no matter what happens in the Universe, you will be heralded as a painting god.
    I take my hat off to you.

  • Sławomir Borysowski - "Sławol"

    You’re real artist, one of the few in this hobby. This model is truly work of art. So much character, so much mood, so much skills. Damn, you’re great painter, Kiriil!



  • Sergey We7 Chasnyk


  • Mark "Liffy44" Lifton

    All I can say is “wow” and “congratulations”. Unbelievable art.

  • Jose Luis Díez aka Porta

    Insane! gold for me!!

  • Sebastian Schubert

    That is so fucking awesome
    Thats true art

  • FranNarváez


  • John 'Painterman' van Pelt

    This ia probably the best figure I have ever seen! Fantastic.

  • Tommi Worton

    Outstanding in every way !!!

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    insane. obviously this cannot be less than a Best of show..

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Pure awesomeness !!!

  • Fulvio"jumanji"Pagliettini


  • schiragaPLUS

    Viva il Maestro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    This is the most insane figure I have ever seen. I thank you for your talent and for sharing this true masterpiece. Gold just doesn’t seem enough.

  • Scott Hockley

    The name’s Gold, James Gold. Double Oh! Gold! ^_^

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    Gold !!


  • Constantine_Sudin

    AMAZING!!!!! BRAVO!!!!

  • Kilsh

    I have just uploaded my 3rd project so am now allowed to vote. I know this has been here for some time but I have long admired it and wanted it to be the first piece I voted on.

    Staggering workmannship.


  • Jens Riber Poulsen

    Creg-marine :D Wonderfull model.

  • Jens Riber Poulsen

    Gold, goes without saying. Absolutely outstanding mixture of real texture and colour on an unreal creation.

  • MIke Poole

    Just wow!

  • Clive Jackson

    Incredible piece of work!

  • Kenkthulhu

    Hey Kirill. Very, very good work. Very impressive!
    I would like to use your design in a cosplay.
    Can I please use your design in a cosplay?

  • dark_mortis


  • Jpyre

    Wow… Awesome!

  • Jon Loomis


  • Li Zhen Nan


    Very, very good

  • Orkimedes.

    Iam not a Space Marine Supporter but even Gork and Mork like that!