This scene tells the story of Bonnie prince Charlie who pretended to rule England and at some point the French fleet ally had to retire due to bad weather, causing his defeat.
The rose under his foot is the symbol of England and the portrait is the one of his father, Jacques-François Stuart.

About painting.. I wanted to include all textures i could with the tartan, curtain, metals (nonmetallic), wood, wooden marble, french wallpaper, etc.

Hope you like it! ;)
  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    Yes, I like it ! Beautiful painted and great textures. Is the wallpaper painted? Super!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    This is ridiculously high standard of paintjng at the highest level and probably one of the top 3 historical models in the entire world….exxxcellent,outstanding ahievement…quite an accomplishement.

    • Aythami Alonso Torrent

      This is my face reading this :D:D:D !! its means A LOT for me that you consider this work one of the top 3… Thanks a lot :)

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Beatiful scene. Congrats!

  • Jason Zhou

    Great work with focus on details and textures. Excellent scene.

  • Karsten -Elaphus- Poepping

    Wow, i love it !!!

  • Erich_Strasser

    wow, Great painting