After some loooong days of work here r the pictures of my biggest project so far.

Thanks to my friend Antoine Roffé from Skulls Mini for the pictures.

Any comments are welcome !
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Really cool piece! I really like what you achieved here! I only think the base concept could be more build up on a good composition concept. I do like the parts, the details and areas of the base pretty much, but they do not harmonize very well all together with the miniatures, just from a composition point of view. Well, I might have an idea for the private coaching we will have in the future. Cool project, lovely in many aspects. Keep it up!

    • EdouardN

      Thx a lot Roman !

  • Max RichieroPLUS

    :) I Like!!!

    • EdouardN

      Thx a lot Max !