"Dino travels alone. He is fine being alone.
He used to have friends on his journeys, but "Tilda" and "Grumgi" have been eaten by Trolls,
his love "Magdar" died in the desert. Burnag, his best buddy just fell of a cliff and even Radwulf's dog "Willy" got poisened by a scorpion's sting and died awful. That is why Dino learned to travel alone as he do not want to have what is left of his heart break again. A heart can only break a couple of times."

Miniature: "Radwulf" (I called my version "Dino")
Miniature by Mpryoec, limited edition

A step by step about my work on this model is in preparation for MV.

The miniature was sold to a private collector!
Thank you for your support in my passion, work and art!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes