Brocco the angry broccoli
Brocco the angry broccoli
Brocco the angry broccoli
Brocco the angry broccoli
Fantasy... A place that everything can happen and exist without any border or limitation.
Strange visions and characters jump out from mind without knowing exactly
from where they come from and why they claim the reason for existence...

That's how jumped out of my mind this funny character and drive me to bring him in life,
obeying his commands...

"Brocco the angry broccoli" is his name and is made with mix of polymer clay (super sculpey & bees putty).
Dimensions: Height: 7cm (from bottom of base to top) - Width: 4,5cm

There are casting plans on the way, so if you are interested about, feel free to PM me to the following link:
Facebook page

I hope you like it :)
  • Theodoros Giannakopoulos

    Gold medal for this inspirational work Anastasios !

  • Poisonauta

    Excellent! Really funny concept and a really good work!

    • Anastasios Kandris

      Thank you very much my friend. I like your work too…
      Especially goblins party and ogre sport caster! You are really good on sculpting.
      Maybe we should trade some minis each to other :) Cheers