I painted this vignette for Crystal Brush 2016. I tried to depict an alien wanderer who happened upon a destroyed post-apocalyptic earth and is trying to figure out what happened. I wanted to convey different forms of contrast...her drawn hypercontrasted style vs the worn muted beated up car, her whimsical pose vs the somber environment, death vs life, old vs new. It was a lot of fun painting her and trying to realize what I had pictured in my mind. Some successes and some flaws...but educational. Painted in both metallics and non-metallics.

I thank Alfonso Giraldes, Matt Cexwish, Jose Nunez, Sergio Calvo, Ben Komets, Matt DiPietro, Aaron Lovejoy, Anne Forester, Francesco Farabi, Mirko Cavalloni, and Kirill Kanaev for your thoughtful and helpful comments!

Miniature: Core TB-13 from Dark Age
Car: 1/43 scale '48 Ford Coupe from AMT (super old classic model from around 1950's)