Roman Lappat in the spotlight

Today's interviewee is Roman Lappat. Thank you for sharing in.
Spotlight are short interviews to introduce some of the artists here at Putty&Paint.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about you.

Roman Lappat

Hi! I am Roman Lappat from Augsburg, Germany. Augsburg is close to Munich just in case you need a bigger city to locate Augsburg. I am passionate figure painter who decided in 2006 to make miniature painting my daily life and daily work. I really love to paint figures, tell other fellow painters about my way of painting and always search for something new for me in the miniature painting world. I enjoy the spirit figure painters share and I am very happy to meet a lot of great artists, nice people and deep friends in this tiny world of figures.

What are your favorite tools, and why do you use them?

Music is my favourite tool beside a brush. Without music and emotions my brush would not dance and paint. I also like my hands as tools. I sometimes use my fingers to paint and do the blending work – no not really just kidding, but honestly working with colours and my hands is something I really like. Saliva is great too while figure painting, I am a brush licker, yes.

How would you describe your own style?

Emotional, sometimes. Athmospheric. Boring. Powerful.
All in a healthy mix.

Show us your workspace. Do not clean it.

Roman Lappat's workspace

Who influences your work and what inspires you?

Emotions, love, nature, friends, life, beauty, history,  music, movies, books, computer games, experiences, figures, colours – I think those are my main influences. Sounds like a tree hugging grizzly bear, but well when I break it down it is all about those points.

Show and tell us what you are currently working on or what you recently finished?

I am working on a big commission right now: Bellerophon fighting the Chimera, an ancient greek tale for a collector. I have a lot of freedom in this project and it grows slowly but steady. I am doing some smaller fun projects beside it.

Roman Lappat's current project

Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes

Editor’s note:  Roman is the Kong of MASSIVE VOODOO. Check it out for some neat tutorials, and fun articles about painting, sculpting and more.