What’s Putty&Paint?

Putty&Paint is the community to share your art in scale.

On Putty&Paint it’s all about you and your projects. A place for artists to show their latest finished works and a great source to get inspiration. No forum, no figure shop, no news. There are plenty of other great sites for that.

Putty&Paint is not limited to a specific genre or scale. There are so many different genres in this hobby. Historical painters, scale modeleres, concept sculpters, fantasy painters etc. All these genres should influence each other, as each one has it’s own strengths.

Our goal is to present you the best of all scales, and genres to serve you an awesome inspirational and motivational experience.

For whom is Putty&Paint made?

It’s for talented figure painters, sculpters and scale modelers. There is no focus of style, genre or scale. However there is a focus of quality – Putty&Paint is for the best you got. The projects you are proud of and want to share with the world.

And if you want the full experience or are a professional we offer you a PLUS Account. With this upgrade you can show more pictures of your projects, get access to your voting log, and you can show people if you are available for hire or want to sell one of your projects.

Can I upload digital 3D sculpts?

Sure, but keep in mind Putty&Paint is for physical models. So please limit it to 3D sculpts that are intended for print and/or production. You must post photos of the finished print or casted version. The 3D version should only be an addition to see the work process.

There are plenty of other great websites for your 3D works, which are strictly for the screen.

Why are there no WIPs here?

Putty&Paint is for finished projects only. The ones you would submit to a contest or deliver your customer.
Forums and blogs are way better to present your WIPs.

Why can’t I vote?

There are some conditions if you want to vote.

  • You must be a registered member.
  • You must have uploaded at least 4 projects yourself.
  • You can only vote once!

What do the medals stand for?

It’s just like the rating on a competition. Imagine you are a juror, be fair and judge by the work itself not by your personal taste. If you think a project is good enough then award it with a medal.

  • Just an average project If you think a project is just average and not that good, then do not award it with a medal.
  • Props Well done, but not yet good enough. (Does not affect the scoring.)
  • Bronze Good Job.
  • Silver Awesome Work
  • Gold Top Notch Work – Impressive in every way.

Before you vote keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not compare projects. Vote for the project itself.
  • Do not just judge the painting level of a figure.
  • Consider mood, story, effort, conversion, too.
  • Pay attention what the focus of the work is. Sculpting, painting or basing?
  • And of course be fair. This is no war, this is about fun. No need to envy or vote the “sake of justice”.

What can I vote if don’t like a project?

There are no negative votes, if you don’t like a project or think it’s not that good, just don’t vote.

How does the project score work?

The voting is not a hot-or-not system but a if-it’s-great-award-it system. There are no negative votes!
Each vote will count a certain amount of points. Bronze average, silver more and gold a lot of points. All votes’ points will be calculated to determine a final score from 0 to 100pts. If you score enough points you will receive a medal.

  • From 35pts – Bronze
  • From 65pts – Silver
  • From 90pts – Gold
  • The rating for a project will be displayed, when the project has been voted a least 10 times.

My project has only gold votes, why is it still bronze then?

The number of votes is a very important factor. A few votes are not enough to get a representative score. You need more votes to actually achieve gold.

Example: If the number wouldn’t be a factor. A project with 100 gold votes and one silver vote would score lower than a project with 20 golds an no silver. We want to avoid that to keep it fair.

In other words, a few gold votes don’t make a project gold. But if a lot of people vote it gold it most likely is gold.

How do I get an artist score?

To get an overall artist score you need at least 5 projects with a score.

Who chooses which projects get into the Editors’ Choice list?

A few selected renowned artists can choose any project (except their own) to be in the Editors’ Choice list. Regardless of score or votes.
Currently Roman Lappat (GER), Francesco Farabi (ITA), Sergey Popovichenko (UKR), Fabrizio Russo (ITA), Patricia Sancho (ESP), Josua Lai (CHE), Chris Suhre (USA), Magnus Fagerberg (SWE), Tim Marsh (GBR), Jakob Villien (DNK), Alex Holmén (SWE), Natalia Oracz (POL), Marc Mussat (FRA), David Colwell (AUS), Ivan Hortal (ESP), David Arroba (ESP) and David Powell (USA).