I always wanted to model my own pirate version. I hope you like it ^_^

It is a limited edition 136. If you were interested, contact to me to:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thank you for everything
Lucas Pina.
  • Arnau LazaroPLUS

    Pffff, genial, tienes un estilo único.
    PD: cuando una de estas maravillas para Beyond Miniatures? :P

    • Lucas Pina

      jeje muchas gracias Arnau. Algún día, quizás :P

  • Max Faleij

    love it!

    • Lucas Pina

      Thank you Maximiliam! :D

  • Christoph "Trovarion" Eichhorn

    I think putty and paint has arrived at CMON standards - if you don’t have the name, and mass amounts of friends you won’t score gold. the hand alone is gold for me ;P

    • Albert Moreto FontPLUS

      it will surely reach gold eventually! It’s silver now because it still has very few votes, even if them all were gold!

    • David Diamondstone

      I got to cast the vote that changed it from silver to gold. :)

    • Lucas Pina

      Thank you Christoph ;)

    • Lucas Pina

      And David! :P

  • Albert Moreto FontPLUS

    SHIT, i just pressed bronze by mistake on my tiny screen!! This is OBVIOUSLY GOLD for me. Amazing job Lucas!

    • Lucas Pina

      Jajaja Albert, la que has liado xD Me alegra que te guste : )

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    gold and editors choice for me, what else?

    • Lucas Pina

      Grazie Francesco! :D

  • Matteo Di DiomedePLUS

    Amazing work Lucas!!

    • Lucas Pina

      ^_^ grazie mile Matteo!

  • Arkaitz Pérez Vallecillo (-NoH-)

    Esto es muy sexy!

    • Lucas Pina

      jeje Gracias Arkaitz :P

  • Poisonauta

    Espectacular Lucas, todo impecable, me encanta el mimo que pones en tus figuras! Gran trabajo!

    • Lucas Pina

      Me alegra mucho que te guste Leo. Y más si viene de otro escultor como tú ;)


    Wonderful ! I love this pirate !!!

    • Lucas Pina

      Thank you! I want to send them now, but we must still waiting…

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Amazing bust, so much details…Hope that one day I’ll get one bust from Spira mirabilis!

    • Lucas Pina

      Thank you Roman! I hope it too :P

  • Anastasios Kandris

    Great one as usual ;)

    • Lucas Pina

      Thank you Tasos ;)

  • Anders "Ritual" Eklund

    Quite possibly your best work yet! I absolutely love it!!

    • Lucas Pina

      I appreciate your words and observation, Anders! I think the same, at least technically. :P

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo

    oh god, lovely!

    • Lucas Pina

      Grazie Faustoo! :D

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    Love it !!!