Scale 1/6, GK produced by Volks. 45 cm.

I just found that I did never upload finished pics of this piece so far... I cannot remember that I spend more hours on a single GK ever before. Insane sanding + assembling + painting/shading.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Just amazing the smoothest painting ever.

    • dianahase

      Thanks so much John!

  • Lucky-LBT

    Pure beauty

    • dianahase

      Thank you Lucky-LBT!!

  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    Wow. that is lovely! Just reminded me that i have bust of Bell, ugh so many pieces…nevermind. I respect everything that went into this!

    • dianahase

      Thanks Neil. I also did a 1/4 scale bust of Bell in the past.. so many hair parts and swirls to sand.. would be looking forward to see your version!

  • Marina 'Ringil' Aynagoz

    I like it!

  • TimPLUS

    Simply stunning